Meet the Head of School

Ms Penelope Best is one of the visionaries of the original Eupheus concept. Prior to this she spent 17 years at the International School of the Algarve where she was Head of Primary, Head of Middle School and overall Head of all three primary schools in the group. She also established the first bilingual Pre School in the Algarve. In the United Kingdom Ms Best taught in a number of primary schools including St. Andrews and Mount Carmel. Ms Best read History and English at Leeds University. She holds a BEd Honours degree in Education with Primary Education specialism.

Alongside her educational interests, Ms Best enjoys travelling and embracing new cultures and one of her greatest ambitions is to go on Safari. She is also passionate about Mickey Mouse and is an avid collector of all things Mickey!

She is married to Alan who is a successful and well known business man, and her daughter Octavia is studying International Events Management at Leeds University.

I believe that the happiness and wellbeing of children and teachers is the key to excellent achievement, with every individual feeling understood and valued. It was my aim to unite with a group of likeminded people to create a school that could truly achieve this. At Eupheus we have created a state of the art school, where children can learn in a safe and supportive environment that will allow them to embrace diverse learning strategies and lead them to achieving their own specific educational goals. Eupheus is where friendships will be made and lessons learned that will last a life time. Please do come and visit us to see for yourself, you will be given a very warm Eupheus family welcome.

– Penelope Best

Why Eupheus?

It is known from the writings of Plato that the concept of Eupheus to the Greeks meant an active seeking of knowledge, a desire to learn coupled with an excitement and interest in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This is the underlying principle that the educationalists who founded Eupheus school wanted at the very heart of their Pre Prep and Preparatory school.

Why the Owl?

The symbol of the owl has always been associated with wisdom and knowledge as it was sacred to the Greek goddess of learning, Athena. It embodies all that Eupheus stands for and is our school emblem.


Social Impact

  • It is very important as a school that we guide our children to understand how they can make a difference to local, national and global issues.
  • We aim to achieve this through developing their vision, energy, compassion and generosity in philanthropic and social causes.
  • Active links have been forged with the local community and we interact through numerous ongoing projects.
  • Ecological awareness is a fundamental principal of our school and is implicit in all aspects of school life.
  • Celebrating all facets of multiculturalism and exploring the diversity within underpins daily life at Eupheus.