English is at the core of the Eupheus curriculum. We recognise that the ability to communicate effectively, infer accurately and respond with sensitivity is vital to a child’s development and subsequent contribution to society. Within the school we strive to excite and enthuse children about English language and literature. Whilst acknowledging that many of our pupils are multi lingual we celebrate the learning of language.

To develop oral skills within an academic setting, much emphasis is placed on discussion and the formation of individual opinions. A balance is sought between linguistic and literary, oral and written, creative and technical skills.

All lessons are delivered in year groups with the curriculum structured on the National Literacy Strategy, whilst also incorporating the creative curriculum, and is linked to topics studied in History, Geography, and ICT. Time is spent consolidating skills in the basics of reading, spelling, grammar and handwriting in a well-resourced and lively environment.

English is taught as far as possible through literature. The children are very fortunate at Eupheus to have a wide range of age appropriate literature available and will have access to this at all times. We aim to instil in children a love of reading and appreciation of English literature, coupled with the ability to express themselves imaginatively, eloquently and accurately.

We are very proud to state that each class reads daily, and individual children’s reading is monitored every day. This ensures superb development in English and the constant achieving of high standards.

All pupils have assessments in English on entering the school. Diagnostic assessments in Spelling, Creative Writing and Comprehension will take place throughout the school year.