Information Communication Technology


Eupheus is very proud to be an Apple distinguished school. A centre of educational excellence, employing Applés vision for learning with technology. As a truly innovative preparatory school we aim to prepare Eupheus children fully for the 21st century, and it’s ever developing technological demands.

Our philosophy is to encourage, engage and empower our children in ICT by exposing them to new technology. It is vital that our young learners are equipped to utilise technology in order to enhance their development.

ICT is more than ‘computers’ as it embraces peripherals such as iPads, phones, cameras, scanners, projectors, whiteboards, webcams, control equipment and programmable toys.

Uniquely, ICT is integrated into every aspect of the curriculum on a daily basis. All of our children also have designated ICT lessons, wherein they develop specific skills such as: touch typing, word processing, using spreadsheets, digital photography, computer programming and how to create websites.