We strongly believe that Mathematics should be seen as more than a curriculum subject – it is a way of thinking.

All our children will experience understanding, enjoyment and challenge within their daily Mathematics lessons. We aim to develop enquiring mathematical minds, encouraging our children to ask “Why?”

If a child understands why a technique works, they have a much better chance of being able to apply that method in a different context.

Our children are taught to appreciate that within mathematics the goal is not the answer but the process, and there are many different ways of arriving at the answer.

All our children will enjoy being challenged. If a child is getting every question right, they are not being sufficiently stimulated.

The challenge in Mathematics is deciphering and analysing the underlying concepts, tackling everyday mathematical problems and drawing connections between ideas.

When children arrive at Eupheus our first objective is to develop a firm foundation in mathematics. We ensure that all our children have a solid understanding of number bonds and the four main mathematical processes: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Teachers develop all mathematical understanding through explanation: whether individually, in small groups, or as a whole class.

Key ideas are revisited and built on, year by year, giving children the opportunity to refresh their understanding and draw connections between different areas of mathematics. They work with numbers, graphs, measures, shapes and statistics, and are encouraged to generalise and be abstract.

Mathematical vocabulary is of great importance as children learn to describe their methods concisely and precisely, gaining the tools that allow them to clarify, justify and explain.

Our teaching ethos is to create critical thinkers. We challenge our learners with open-ended questions and mini projects that encourage the asking of questions and the use of investigation skills, leading to our children creating their own problems to be tried and tested.