Physical Education


A healthy attitude towards exercise is essential. We strive to provide a positive learning environment in which children can develop a love for sport and fitness. A solid foundation gives pupils an excellent grounding for sport in later years and their adult life.

Eupheus realises the importance of an active lifestyle and provides children with a variety of opportunities to find an area of sport that suits them.

We recognise that PE plays a central role in developing a child’s confidence, social and personal skills. In order to achieve this we incorporate and encourage a variety of key attributes into PE lessons like enjoyment, perseverance, resilience, communication, team work and leadership.

All of our children learn to develop their fine and gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, team work and ball skills through gymnastics and a wide variety of games and dance.

In the Summer term all children take part in Sports Day which focuses on skills based team events and competitive races, celebrating sport as a highly enjoyable energising, and unifying activity.